EMPTY Desktop Book Display (Books not included)

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The desktop book display is perfect for any church, gathering space, or location where parents congregate. The display features a direct yet straightforward header, 'Keep Your Kids Safe. Each slot is designed to hold 20 books. A convenient QR code will provide direct access to the Covenant Eyes store, where more books can be ordered when a slot goes empty.

The display is used for our three signature parent books, which are:

  • Equipped: Smart Catholic Parenting in a Sexualized Culture (71 Pages)
  • Confident: Helping Parents Navigate Online Exposure (71 Pages)
  • Connected: How Strong Family Relationships Lead to Internet Safe Kids (94 Pages)

The size dimensions are 12.25 in. high x 16.25 in. wide x 6.25 in. deep. The display is delivered pre-assembled.

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