Christian Promotional RESTORED VOWS Vows Cards- FREE

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Restored Vows Cards

Help married couples in your church find healing from the devastating impacts of pornography!

This package contains business card size Restored Vows cards, allowing recipients free access to the Restored Vows 14-day video series. Simply hand them one of these cards to get them connected with the resource.

We are offering these FREE to help you serve struggling couples in your ministry.   

How Restored Vows helps couples:

  • 14-Day Video Series: This FREE series delivers powerful videos through the lens of a couple who has experienced the devastation of porn but found forgiveness and healing.
  • Supplemental Readings: Each video is followed by a short reading to explore the principles of porn use and recovery.
  • Questions and Other Resources: Daily questions are provided for couples to talk through together, and other resources are available for further healing.

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Please allow 7-10 days for card delivery.

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