Life Change Workbook... A Biblical Journey to Freedom by Dr. James Reeves

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The Life Change Workbook:

  • The Life Change Workbook (Life Change: A Biblical Journey to Freedom) is a substantive, yet easy-to-read, 12-week biblical study for individuals or groups seeking an introduction for quitting porn.
  • This workbook and accompanying video series is authored by Dr. James Reeves, former founder and pastor of City on A Hill Church in Fort Worth, Texas. The Chapter Videos can be accessed through the free, Victory app by Covenant Eyes (Available on both Apple and Google stores).
  • The study is a biblical and Christ centered 12-step journey helping participants understand their struggles and addictions by pointing them back to their true source of healing in Christ.
  • Great study for both men and women, small groups, and recovery-based groups!

 We are offering this workbook individually or you can choose our Small Group or Church bundle of 10 books and save a few dollars. 

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